LILA Athletics Logo - 2023


LILA Lions are taught the fundamentals of athletic development, team spirit, and commitment. Our coaches dedicate themselves to the mission of providing athletic opportunities to a wide range of students and an environment in which all student-athletes can achieve their academic and competitive goals. In competition, our department fosters principles of good sportsmanship, respect, fair play, and athletic excellence. In all of their activities, each one of our LILA Lions coaches insists on integrity, ethical conduct, and accountability. Let’s make sure we all keep these values alive. 

The mission of the LILA Athletics Department is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to compete successfully in an elementary, middle school, or high school program that is an integral part of their educational experience. We strive to create excellence by developing a coherent sports curriculum. It starts with sports activities for grades K-3 and transitions into our athletics teams in grades 4-12.

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