LILA Lions are taught the fundamentals of athletic development, team spirit, and commitment. Our coaches dedicate themselves to the mission of providing athletic opportunities to a wide range of students and an environment in which all student-athletes can achieve their academic and competitive goals. In competition, our department fosters principles of good sportsmanship, respect, fair play, and athletic excellence. In all of their activities, each one of our LILA Lions coaches insists on integrity, ethical conduct, and accountability. Let’s make sure we all keep these values alive. GO LIONS!

The mission of the LILA Athletics Department is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to compete successfully in an elementary, middle school, or high school program that is an integral part of their educational experience. We strive to create excellence by developing a coherent sports curriculum. It starts with sports activities for K through 3rd-grade and transitions into our athletics for teams in the 4th through 12th grades. Students must attend tryouts and be selected to represent the school. Being a student-athlete is a privilege, not a right. If selected, the students will have practices after school on their campus or at outside facilities with qualified coaches. They will participate in clubs, recreational leagues, and/or games against other schools.

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Student-Athletes’ Code of Conduct

  • Honesty
    Live and compete honorably

  • Reliability
    Fulfill commitments, Practice is mandatory, Be on time for practices and games

  • Respect
    Treat all people, including the teacher-coach and officials, with respect at all times

  • Class
    Live and play with class, Be a good sport, Be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity and show sincere respect in pre- and post-game rituals

  • Importance of Education
    The primary responsibility of a student-athlete is academic achievement

  • Role Modeling
    Participation in sports is a privilege, not a right, and you are expected to represent your school, coach, and teammates with honor, on and off the field. Consistently exhibit good character and conduct yourself as a positive role model.

  • Self-Control
    Exercise self-control. Don’t fight or show excessive displays of anger or frustration. Be open-minded, always be willing to listen and learn. Help promote the well-being of teammates through positive counseling and encouragement.

  • Playing by the Rules
    Demonstrate and demand integrity.

Parents’ Code of Conduct

  • Support your child and attend as many contests as possible

  • Avoid putting pressure on your children to start, score, or be the star of the team

  • Support the coach in public around other parents and fans

  • Allow the Coach to do the coaching

  • Avoid speaking negatively about the coach in front of your child. It may create a major barrier in the child’s hope for improvement in the sport.

  • Understand the ultimate purpose of athletics. It exists as an integral part of the total educational mission of the school, and participation in athletics is a privilege and not a right

  • Serve as good role models for the students, athletes, and other fans

  • Volunteering to help with the team and Athletics projects

  • Appreciate the educational opportunity that your child is receiving in our athletic program. This includes the enormous time and effort provided by the coach

  • Attend the pre-season parents’ meeting, if called by a coach

  • Serve as beacons of good sportsmanship

  • Show respect to everyone involved in athletics: the coach, athletes, fans, officials, and administrators.

  • Express concerns and questions in a courteous and civil manner and do it at the right time and in the proper setting.

  • Abide by all politics, regulations, and procedures for our athletic program

  • Understand that the goals of the team and athletic program are more important than the hopes and dreams you have for your child

  • Understand that the coach and the other parents of this team will hold me accountable for my actions and behavior

  • Avoid constant and chronic complaining