2022-23 Detailed Info & Sign-ups

Thank you for your interest in joining the LILA Lions teams. We are looking forward to kicking off the 2022-2023 school year with new coaches and closer practice facilities, and to strengthening our programs further.

Please read the following in-depth information about our LILA Lions 2022-23 Athletics Seasons, as well as the sign-up, tryout, and registration processes. Then click one of the big blue buttons to sign up!

For this coming year we will be transitioning the majority of our teams from year-round play to seasonal play. This means that we will only be holding certain sports in certain seasons. For example, middle and high school girls’ volleyball will train and play in the fall, while middle and high school girls’ and boys’ basketball will train and play in the winter, and middle and high school track & field will train and compete in the spring.

Please note that tennis, fencing, and e-sports will still be offered year round.

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Added a New Sport!
We are proud to announce that we will be offering middle and high school girls’ and boys’ esports teams beginning in 2022-23. So, what is esports? Esports, short for electronic sports, is a collective term that describes organized competitive video gaming, where individuals use video game consoles, PCs, or mobile phones to play popular video game titles against other esports teams. Games the students may be training and/or competing in include League of Legends, Super Smash Bros., FIFA 21, etc. Please note that a requirement for joining the team is that each player must have their own console and gaming equipment. We are excited to join the new development wave of sports. Esports will be offered year round and payments will be by semester via SCO.

Tryout Information
There will be two types of registrations for next year: competition team and training only. Student-athletes who want to be considered for the competition team must attend all sessions during tryout week from Monday, August 29 – Friday, September 2 (see the schedule below). Coaches will select players for the competition team, who will then need to register and pay under the competition category on SCO.

Please note all high school student-athletes chosen to join competition teams are required to get a physical examination from their own, or any CA-certified, MD, DO, NP or PA. Forms will be linked below.

Those who are not selected for the competition team but would still like to participate and train (due to numbers playing in non-league games) with the team for the particular sport season can register and pay under the training category on SCO. We strongly encourage those who don’t make the competition team to join practices, if they would like to be considered for the team next year.

Decisions for the competition team will be emailed by the end of the day on Friday, September 2.

Tennis Tryouts
After receiving feedback from parents and discussing with the campus team, tennis will be introducing some improvements. Tennis will be offered year round, but students will still need to attend tryout week. During tryout week both middle and high school tennis will be split into two teams, beginners and advanced (competitive). If we receive enough sign-ups, both teams will be able to compete against other schools and teams.

High School Boys’ & Girls’ Soccer Tryouts
For high school boys’ and girls’ soccer there will be two competition teams offered in 2022-23: soccer 11s and soccer 7s. Soccer 11s is an 11-player team playing on a full field, whereas soccer 7s is a 7-player team playing on a half field. Soccer 7s will be a coed team. Any boys who are not selected for the soccer 11s competition team will be invited to play on the soccer 7s team.

Registration Information
Registration for both competition team and training only, which includes submission of payment and signed forms/waivers (below and in SCO accounts), will need to be fully completed by Friday, September 16. This deadline applies to all seasons (fall, winter, spring).

Please note that all high school student-athletes chosen to join competition teams are required to get a physical examination from their own, or any CA-certified, MD, DO, NP or PA. This waiver is also due by Friday, September 16, so please plan accordingly.

Year-Round Sports Information
Please keep in mind our year-round sports (tennis, fencing, and esports) payments will be on a semester basis. Semester 1 registration will be due by Friday, September 16.


CIF Form (Physical Evaluation Form – HS Students Only)

Coach Contacts

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Tryout Schedule

Tryouts have concluded for the 2022-2023 season.

Practice Schedule

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All students will be dismissed from the location of practice.

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